What is a Webhook and How to Use It

Published on: August 28, 2020

What is a Webhook and How to Use It in Email Marketing?

Have you ever stopped to think about how you can take advantage of webhooks in your email marketing strategy? In this article, we will tell you. Also, we explain the bases to understand how webhooks work.

What is a webhook?

A webhook (also known as a “reverse API”) is a tool that allows one system or application to send notifications about a specific event to another network or application in real-time.

Use a webhook to monitor email marketing activity

Let’s say you are already using an email marketing service like Aggregatur to manage your email campaigns and subscribers. You are probably wondering why you need webhooks if you already use an email marketing service that offers comprehensive resources and statistics. In short, you can connect and manage the campaign from your dashboard, right?

Real, but imagine the following scenario: you send an important email campaign and then close the application to do other tasks. Meanwhile, it turns out that a significant portion of your emails is either bouncing or not being delivered correctly. When you discover the problem, several hours have passed, and the campaign can no longer be saved.

The webhook would be useful in this situation if used to send real-time notifications about your campaign’s progress.

If a problem occurs:

  • You would find out quickly
  • You could take care of it and solve it instantly.

What can I do next with the webhook data?

With all the webhook notifications that you will receive, you will wonder what you can do with the data. Well, many things! You can create reports, sync two systems, or use it to trigger automated processes (like sending a series of lead nurturing emails to a prospect who clicked on a link).

Imagine that your email received a hard bounce for being sent to an invalid address, and the destination point of your webhook is your company’s CRM application. You could sync the two systems so that the email address is removed from them automatically, sending hard bounced contacts to the blacklist.

However, it is essential to remember that webhooks can only notify you of a change. If you want to take action based on the notification, you need an API (Application Programming Interface).

To finish

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of using webhooks to save time and improve customer experience.

Webhooks are a great way to receive real-time updates for your email campaigns or any type of major web event.

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