Straight-Forward Plans and Affordable Pricing

Choose a lead selling management software package that best fits the needs of your business. 


One-Time Onboarding Fee

Professional onboarding for all plans is $900 and includes basic website integration, unlimited training, and 30 days of hands-on configuration of your account.

Call Tracking and Telephone Lookup Fees

Call tracking phone numbers are billed at $5.00/mo for a toll-free number, and $0.059/minute for usage.  Reverse telephone lookup is $0.25 per lookup.

All Plans Include


  • Privately Labeled Version of Software
  • Custom Lead Pricing Configurations
  • Lead Aggregation and Reselling
  • Lead Refund Moderation
  • Complete Tacking and Reporting
  • Client Support and Management
  • Integrated Payment Processing

Website Integration

  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Web-to-Lead Capture
  • Integrated Website Visitor Tracking
  • Pay-per-click Keyword Tracking
  • Custom Fields

Phone Tracking & Routing

  • Inbound Phone Tracking
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Website Visitor Phone Lead Tracking
  • SMS Marketing and Notifications

Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed Dashboards
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing and Financial Reporting
  • Contact Audit Trail

Client Services

  • Initial Setup and Configuration
  • One-on-One Training
  • Support Tickets
  • Consultative Phone Support

Data Integration

  • RESTful API
  • Popular Lead Vendor Integration
  • Custom Webhooks
  • Contact Deduplication
  • Custom Data Posting
  • Lead Validation and Enhancement

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I Would absolutely recommend this product to anyone needing a database for multiple users. It has simplified our process of keeping track of who has what client and what the status of each client is. No more Excel spreadsheets!” Kristal McCleary

Closing Officer, Branson Hills Properties

“Comparing the features, cost and value that Aggregatur offers compared to the competition – Aggregatur offers a much better value without giving up any of the bells and whistles. The system does it all and more. I would highly recommend it to any business that manages leads and clients.

Secondly I want to express my gratitude to the staff at Aggregatur. They are always available and very supportive. I want to personally thank Stephen and Matt as there help and support being totally hands on with my business has greatly helped me. I cant say enough how much they have helped me understand and use the program.” MIchael Rich

VP, US Home Loan & Credit Services

The Leader in Automated Lead Selling Management Software

Aggregatur is the most powerful lead selling management software package that you will find. The automated simplicity of Aggregatur is unmatched by competitors, and you will experience true growth with our tools. Customize everything in the lead selling process to fit your business, and see how Aggregator helps you grow today – with a free trial.


Gorgeous Design

The brilliant user interface makes getting started fast and easy.


Smart Lead Routing

Our automation system can identify, categorize, and price every lead that comes in, in real-time.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Sell leads, configure accounts, and generate profits wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Free Trial work?
Yes, you are free to use our themes on as many websites as you like. We do not place any restrictions on how many times you can download or use a theme, nor do we limit the number of domains that you can install our themWe will help you get your account up and running, and we will make sure you understand how to use the system with communication and FREE one-on-one training.


There’s no risk, no obligation. You can cancel your account at any time by simply letting us know with a phone call, support ticket, or email.

Can I change plans?
Changing plans is really easy. Just let us know and we will take care of it for you right away.
What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?
You can use your credit card to pay for any plan. If you sign up for an Annual subscription we can invoice you annually. Contact us to start the process.
What if my quota of leads sold gets exhausted?

You will be billed for additional leads sold in increments of 100 at the same pricepoint you are currently paying on a per-lead-sold basis.

How many users can access one account?

You can create as many user accounts as you need at any time. You won’t be billed on a per-user basis, so there is no reason not to have a unique login for each team member.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.