An Automated Lead Selling and Call Routing Solution.

Save time by configuring your account to sell leads to your clients automatically.

Call Selling Suite

Track, price, route, and sell calls to your clients in real-time.

It’s just a simple fact that phone calls are the hottest type of lead, and we specialize in integrating telephony into your lead selling business. Whether you need to publish phone numbers on your website, or route calls based on advanced filtering, Aggregatur has everything you need to monetize all your inbound calls.

Real-Time Dashboard

All the information a lead aggregation business cares about.

The Aggregatur dashboard reports on revenue, unfilled lead orders, revenue per lead, leads sold… All the things you actually need to know. 

The Aggregatur Platform

Lead Distribution

Client Billing

Dashboards and Reporting

Notification Emails

Webhooks and Integrations

Campaign Tracking


A complete solution to truly calculate profit.


The Aggregatur campaign tracking suite provides you with the ability to track every marketing channel, and every campaign individually within that channel. Want to know how your direct mail is working compared to your event marketing? Have a need to compare your PPC to your SEO? Since every campaign is part of a channel, it’s automatically tracked for you.

Campaign tracking provides you with insight into exactly how much each lead costs, and since we also have the revenue you generate from every lead you sell, it’s easy to see your true ROI. No more guessing, no more time-consuming spreadsheets.

Everything you need to manage and track your marketing dollars in a way that makes every decision a no-brainer.


Smart Pricing

Maximize Revenue per Lead

Whether it’s a call, or a web form lead, Aggregatur will automatically price the lead based on the lead source, the location of the prospect, and other information so that you can always make sure that you generate the most revenue from every lead. 

Real-time Lead and Call Routing

Route the right lead to the right client at the right time.

Leads and calls are all routed in real-time to the clients that want them. They get only the leads they want, and you sell every lead to the client willing to pay the most for it. The automated call routing and lead distribution system ensures maximum profits and client satisfactyion.

Website Integration

Track every website visitor from campaign to inbound call.

It’s easy to gather all your web metrics alongside your other lead generation metrics so that you can truly close the loop on your marketing. 

I Would absolutely recommend this product to anyone needing a database for multiple users. It has simplified our process of keeping track of who has what client and what the status of each client is. No more Excel spreadsheets!”

Kristal McCleary

Closing Officer, Branson Hills Properties