Campaign Tracking
A complete solution to truly calculate profit

Track every campaign individually within all your marketing channels. 

We automatically track all you need to know about your marketing campaigns. 

The Aggregatur campaign tracking suite lets you track every marketing channel and every campaign separately within that channel. Want to know how your direct mail is working compared to your event marketing? Need to compare your PPC to your SEO? Since every campaign is part of a channel, it’s automatically tracked for you.

Reliable Metrics to Make the Right Decisions

No more guessing and no more spreadsheets.

Our campaign tracking solution provides you with insight into exactly how much each lead costs, and since we also have the revenue you generate from every lead you sell, it’s easy to see your true ROI. No more guessing, no more time-consuming spreadsheets. 

The Aggregatur Platform

Lead Distribution

Client Billing

Dashboards and Reporting

Notification Emails

Webhooks and Integrations

Don’t overcomplicate yourself with a lot of metrics tracking platforms

Find all the information you need in a single place.

Everything you need to manage and track your marketing dollars in a way that makes every decision a no-brainer. Learn more about your business with the help of a single platform. 

Utilize insightful real-time reports to classify your most valuable lead sources at any given time. See which sources are working correctly and control the performance of your email and SMS efforts.

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