Marketing: How Technology Can Help You

Published on: August 6, 2020
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Those of us who work in Marketing today, in an environment where the number of alternatives to consider to carry out our work is almost endless. Now we have to deal with Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc. We have reached a point where the field of Marketing is continuously being reshaped by new ideas, concepts, trends, strategies, and best practices. Sometimes, even surpassing our ability to adapt to changes

It can be overwhelming and confusing if as marketers, we cling to the old Marketing rules. This is where technology steps in to push us forward.

While the 4 P’s (Product, Distribution, Price, Promotion) may still be relevant, we really can’t do much without knowing what the right product is, the right “place” to position it, the right price, and the right way to promote it, which is basically what we need technology for.

Technology brings us closer to our customers

Knowing what is going on in the customer’s mind has always been an obsession for marketers and sellers. Thanks to technology, we now have endless ways to find out. Technology allows us to interact with our customers and prospects, talk to them, and engage them more than ever. We can have personal conversations through different channels and give our clients a more personalized experience through multiple channels and devices.

The critical role of technology in Marketing comes down to helping us to understand customer preferences, behavioral and purchasing trends, and designing the most effective strategy based on this intelligence.

In the future, the success of marketing will be measured by our ability to adapt to the preferred channel of communication and purchase, how we can process the data and extract the intelligence that it contains, how we use Social Media to listen and learn from our customers, and the way we use ‘the cloud’, which is becoming the center of automation of Marketing actions and the link that connects the automation platforms of an organization and its communication with the world.

Today’s marketing without technology is incomplete.

If Marketing is about designing and delivering experiences to our customers, the software is the cornerstone of customer-centric marketing strategies.

Software tools and new technologies help us to find new ways to engage customers. With billions of interconnected devices, content created by and for the end-user, and social interactions via computers, smartphones, and tablets, the Internet has quickly become a living entity: giving people directions on how to get to places, suggests ideas for dining, solves day-to-day problems, and a lot of other things that people do.

The Internet has many potentials, and as marketers, we have to take advantage of it to build lasting relationships with our clients. Take advantage of new trends to do business. To do this, we have to assume that technology is closely related to marketing.

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