Automated Lead Selling Software Capabilities

Aggregatur Lead Selling Software Features:

Aggregatur lead selling software gives you the tools to serve your clients better, faster, and more profitably. You can provide clients with customized leads, or direct delivery of all generated leads. You have the flexibility to provide clients with a simple CRM solution, or a robust, branded system. With Aggregatur, you are in control. Lead aggregators have the ability to capture, filter, price, and sell leads automatically - and with the optional payment gateway integration, getting paid is automatic too! Aggregatur makes lead selling more profitable and efficient than you ever thought possible. Try it for FREE today.

  • Capture Leads
  • Sell Leads
  • Client Management & Billing
  • Website Integration
  • Reports & Campaign Management
  • Automation
  • Phone Tracking
If your goal is to automate your lead aggregation process and have more time away, let Aggregatur do the work for you. By automating virtually every step of the process, you will give your clients quicker and more efficient service as well. Efficiency improves customer satisfaction and improves your bottom line - a true win/win situation. Aggregatur is FREE to try - so you have nothing to lose. Test the features, improve your lead selling, and add to your revenue today with a free trial.

Aggregatur includes many great features: