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Aggregatur Lead Selling software is free to try - and you can get started today. Just sign up to experience all the benefits of our automated lead selling software for yourself. This guide will help you configure and launch your new Aggregatur software.


Creating Client Accounts

To create or manage client accounts, follow these steps:

1. Click on the down arrow to the right of your account profile button and then choose “Account, Groups and Users.” Similar to adding users, clients are added by creating and selecting a client group in which to add them. You can create, name, and add private labeling to a group by clicking the “Add Client Group” above the group list.

2. Once created, click to select the client group and additional group management options will appear above, including the “Add Account” button.

3. When adding a client account, you are required to enter a login username and password EVEN IF the client is only purchasing leads and never intends to log in. The remaining contact information is optional; however the “Account Name” field will determine how client appears on your client list.

Lead Selling and Pricing

You have full control on what you charge your clients for leads and additionally how you choose to bill them for those leads. This section lets you create multiple pricing levels and determine for each level what information is sold. To manage lead pricing and refund options, click on “Settings” and scroll down to “Reselling”.

  • General

Here we can label our price level, set the price-per-lead, and how many time leads in this level can be sold (exclusive to unlimited).

  • Delivered Fields

You can choose what contact information buyers receive from every contact field you create in the system. By leaving all fields unchecked, the system will delivery all data associated with the contact.

  • Preview Fields

By selecting data fields to allow buyers to PREVIEW before buying, you enable ‘Cherry Picking’, and the sale process then requires the buyer to manually approve a purchase before receiving the remaining deliverable fields. By leaving all preview fields unchecked; you disable cherry picking for this pricing level.

Default Account-Level Pricing

Aggregatur offers several options for manual and recurring billing of your clients. Here you can determine default recurring billing across your entire account, which can be later overridden on a group or individual client level. To configure, click on “Settings”, scroll down to “Reselling” and “Default Account-Level Pricing”.

Payment Processor Integration

Aggregatur offers a selection of integrated payment processors, allowing your clients to pay you with their credit card automatically. This feature requires that you contact one of the supported processors and create an account. They will provide you with the information you need to configure the integration within Aggregatur, which is done by going to “Settings”, “Reselling”, “Payment Processing”, and clicking the appropriate processor. Aggregatur currently supports:

Billing Options

Resellers and Lead Aggregators have flexibility in how clients are billed. Clients can be invoiced and charged automatically for recurring fees, or credited and billed manually. You can establish account-wide default pricing or tailor billing on a group or individual level. Clients can be billed in real-time, or pay in replenished increments.

Payments can be processed outside of Aggregatur by hand or automatically by configuring one of our supported payment processor integrations (see section above). Clients can log into their Aggregatur account and provide a billing credit card for automatic payments.

To manage client billing options and invoicing, access your “Accounts, Groups and Users” section by selecting the drop-down menu on your account profile button. Here, select a client or client group and click “Billing” at the top of your group list.


Lead Purchase & Delivery Settings

Lead aggregators can set monetary boundaries for automatic lead sales, and can offer clients multiple delivery options. To configure, access your “Accounts, Groups and Users” section, select a client from a client group, and click the “Lead Purchasing” button at the top of your group list.

Lead Purchasing Limits – Here you can set limits on daily or monthly maximum leads sold or dollars spent. You can also apply a saved filter to govern what leads are purchasable by the client.

Lead Delivery Settings – By default, lead clients have basic login access to Aggregatur, allowing them to see their purchased leads, view and purchase leads available for ‘Cherry Picking’, export their leads, manage their billing, view invoices, etc. Alternatively, you can configure your client’s email address to deliver leads to, or deliver leads directly to your client’s existing CRM/ contact manager* by creating and selecting an HTTP POST configuration**.

* HTTP POST (plain text) compatibility and requirements are determined by the recipient.
** To create an HTTP POST configuration, click “Settings”, “Contact Database”, “Outbound”, “Outbound HTTP POST”, and select “Add POST Configuration” at the top of the list. The information entered in this section is provided by the BUYER.