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Generate and Sell Leads - Easily

Leads are gold. You need them to sell your products and service - but you can also make a profit by selling leads to your clients. Lead generation and aggregation is an industry in its own right, and it's a profitable one at that. Aggregatur is the perfect lead aggregation solution for leader resellers setting up and managing their client accounts.

Lead Delivery Options:

  • Email
  • CSV
  • POST
  • CRM
Aggregatur features the flexibility you need to create a unique lead generation and aggregtion solution that's specific to your business and needs. The customized Aggregatur lead reselling system provides clients with two choices for purchasing leads:

  • Direct Delivery
  • Cherry Picking

Your lead generation campaign kicks off. New leads come in. You do ... nothing. The leads are delivered directly to your client, and their account is charged. Aggregatur automatically generates the appropriate emails, performs configured automations, posts the lead via HTTP Post, and creates the entry in their CRM. Sound like aggregation fantasy? Aggregatur makes it reality. You pick the automations and actions, Aggregatur handles the rest.

"This is lead selling made easy. Aggregatur is not only growing my business for me but it is giving me more time at home with my family. I would highly recommend this software to anyone and everyone."

  • Garrett Kingsley

The “Cherry Picking” Process

In the “Cherry Picking” model, Aggregatur displays incoming leads before they are purchased. You specify the information that is displayed, and your clients pick the leads that fit their model. You can display as much, or as little, information as you want about the lead. You pick the info, the client picks the leads, and you get paid.

You can charge more for these leads, as they typically have a higher lead-to-close ratio. While clients may prefer this method, most lead generation and aggregation services use the direct delivery method. An astute pricing model for a cherry picking scenario would take into consideration the lower rate of purchase, and be adjusted accordingly.

Refund requests made easy

The refund request system allows you to configure custom lead rejection reasons, such as “Bad Contact Information.” This provides a way for you to generate reports, quantify reasons for the return of leads, and note which vendors are selling the leads to you. Armed with this information, sound business decisions are made simpler, overall customer satisfaction increases, and profitability is significantly improved.

“Aggregatur’s customization options are great. They allow me to run my business smooth, effortlessly and how I want it. I would not use any software other than Aggregatur.”

  • Paul Manson